Intertape Carton Sealing Tape


Intertape Polymer Group® manufactures a wide range of packaging materials that respond to the needs of its industrial customers. These include one of the largest offerings of tape available: pressure sensitive and water-activated, carton-sealing, masking and filament tape.

Pressure Sensitive

Intertape Polymer Group® offers a full line of Pressure-Sensitive Carton-Sealing Tape with all three adhesive technologies. As a leader in the pressure-sensitive carton sealing tape market, Intertape Polymer Group® (IPG) combines years of experience as a prime manufacturer of superior quality tape to the industrial and retail channels.


Water-activated tapes bond instantly to both new and recycled fiber surfaces (corrugated carton, paper, etc.) creating an immediate destructive bond resulting in a tamper-evident package.

Different situations call for unique carton sealing solutions. IPG’s water-activated sealing tapes are customized for each individual application. Our reinforced products are available in non-printed, stock prints and custom print grades, and offer superior quality.

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