About Us

“We bring both experience and expertise to the packaging industry; working closely with customers to provide the best materials and machinery to effectively meet their packaging needs.”

Rally offers  packaging, manufacturing, logistics and distribution industries superior products, in addition to a commitment to customer satisfaction. We have unmatched attention to detail, top of the line products and competitive pricing.

Rally Packaging Corporation was founded in 1983. We provide a personal, professional and experienced source for materials, machinery and services in a market that continues to be consolidated by conglomerate businesses. We strive to master the unique dedication and expertise required to meet our customers’ requirements.

–¬† Our Mission¬† –
To Optimize Productivity and Profitability for Your Organization

In today’s competitive business environment, many companies are required to do more with less. Fewer people on staff require greater internal efficiency and dedicated trusted outside resources. Rally Packaging has the ability to assist with small or large packaging, and material flow projects.

We have design and sample capabilities for many packaging processes; we also provide C.A.D. and Computer Modeling services for package and equipment design. Rally also offers a design build service when custom machinery is the best option.

Our Packaging Process Efficiency Analysis evaluates the variables within a packaging process. Such as product, equipment, materials and people, helping you to quantify production efficiency and ultimately a total project cost. We evaluate alternative procedures, components and automation, and provide feedback that can be used to justify process change decisions.

Our training programs feature a combination of classroom and practical “hands-on” instruction for machine operators, supervisors and maintenance personnel.

Please contact us at (815) 385-4794, or E-mail us at sales@rally-packaging.com with questions you may have regarding our products, services, or assistance with your packaging projects.