Rally Laundry Wrap Changes the Industrial Laundry Industry!

Rally Laundry Wrap

With Rally Laundry Wrap, many commercial linen services have now phased out old plastic packaging. Rally Laundry Wrap is an economical solution saving customers thousands of dollars!

Rally Laundry Wrap provides the opportunity to down-gauge; to realize substantial cost saving!

Companies are now using Laundry wrap to bundle sheets and towels in the hospital and industrial laundry industries . Customers are saving thousands with better quality film, as well as reducing waste! These films allow for quick product identification. They are  also very easy to use with high cling seal (requires no tape or heat!). Our laundry wrap is much less expensive than craft paper, and more hygienic than other wraps!

This product is readily available throughout the U.S.  Many people are finding Rally Laundry Wrap to be most favorable for hospital and hotels!

Rally Laundry Wrap film keeps linens, and laundry fresh and clean, crisp, or fluffy soft. Just the way they arrived at your storeroom. Ready to be put into service when you need them.

Clear, and tough Rally Laundry Wrap   stretches, clings and heat seals easily. It’s ideal for hand wrapping clean linens in hospitals, hotels, dry cleaners, institutions or commercial laundries.

Rally Laundry Wrap:

  •   Used for bundling sheets and towels in hospital and industrial laundries
  •   Protects laundered goods from dust and moisture
  •   Crystal clear film allows quick product identification
  •   Easy to use, high cling seal, requires no tape or heat
  •   Less expensive than craft paper
  •   Cleaner and more hygienic than other wraps
  •  Premium Grade with market busting pricing
  •  For heavy duty use in commercial & industrial laundries
  •  Water resistant and hygienic. Keeps out dust, dirt and moisture from the time linens are wrapped until they are used — in the laundry, in transit, or in storage
  • Stretches farther to use less film per package. Laundry Wrap is available in convenient widths and gauges for the most efficient usage
  • Replaces paper, string, tape and bags. A one-step wrap-and-seal operation saves on labor and material
  • Makes contents accessible and easy to identify
  • Stacks without slipping and sliding due to inherent cling-ability of film
  • Eliminates lost tags. Tags go inside and are easy to see without opening the package

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