Clysar Shrink Film


Secure your packaged goods with top of the line shrink film from Rally Packaging. We offer high quality, maximum strength shrink film for a variety of different applications. This item is a must-have in packaging materials.

Lower your packaging costs, protect your products and deliver excellence with high performance Clysar® shrink films. These films are polyolefin based and bi-axially oriented to provide maximum strength and uniform shrink characteristics.

Clysar Shrink Film Specifications


  • Produced to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standards
  • FDA/USDA approved
  • American Institute of Baking (A.I.B.) certified
  • Sustainable – lightweight, protective, non-toxic
  • Made in the USA

Clysar® Shrink Films create a uniform seal around unusual shapes with minimal “dog ears.” Showcase your products with unmatched clarity and gloss. Theft resistance provides security while top-notch print-ability allows for marketing communication. Choose from flat or folded formats to suit your unique production and packing needs.

Select optional values such as Corona treating for scuff resistance and high ink adhesion, surface treatment for improved hot-slip performance and pre-perforation for consistent air evacuation and improved presentation.

Multi-Purpose Films

  • HPG:  Provides outstanding optics with a tough, durable wrap with strong seals and excellent shrinkage.
  • LTC:  Ultra-thin film designed for packaging a variety of low-abuse products. It combines excellent optics and seal strength with the economics of high yield, reduced changeover and downtime.

High-Speed Films

  • EZG:  Excellent choice for high-speed applications and static sealing. Excellent optics, clean shrink appearance and strong, durable seals.
  • LTCH:  Designed for packaging of lightweight, low-abuse products such as DVDs, fresh bakery and frozen pizza.

Soft Films

  • LEG:  Combines very high available shrinkage at low temperatures and the lowest shrink force in the Clysar family.  Ideal for “low-energy” applications.
  • ABL:  Shrinkage and seal strength are obtained under a wide range of operating conditions.  Used where lower processing temperatures, superior package characteristics and a tough, durable wrap are required.
  • LTCL:  Designed for the packaging of lightweight, low-abuse, thin or delicate products.

High-Abuse Films

  • ShrinkBox:   Toughest polyolefin-based shrink film on the market.  Provides the highest puncture, tear and abrasion resistance of any heat-shrinkable shrink film available today.
  • ShrinkBox Confidential:  Opaque version of the clear ShrinkBox which offers the additional benefit of complete privacy for the contents of the package.

Anti-fog Film

  • AFG:  Used for food applications where ambient temperature swings create fogging problems in the package.  Ideally suited to overwrap fresh food products, including sausage, poultry and other trayed meat products, as well as individual, prepared and multi-packed produce and fruit.

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