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Sign up for Rally’s Complete Shrink Wrap Program

Sign up and Save Lower rates on film, tape, parts and service 24/7 ‘front of the line’ priority service calls Onsite machine operator training ‘Just In Time’ Inventory (material in-stock for immediate delivery) As always, top notch Customer Service **Available for qualifying customers who purchase Shrink Film with a combination of machines, film, tape, parts […]

Now Available at Rally Packaging!

Wrap your Meat & Produce with Stretch Wrap from Rally Packaging   STRETCH WRAP! A specifically formulated film to give the excellent breath-ability necessary for the maximum bloom retention of fresh meats, poultry and fish. It has excellent seal-ability, strength, tear and puncture resistance. Anti-fogging properties that maintain the film’s crystal clarity even in high […]

Rally Packaging Corporation Announces Rally Wrap Price Increase

Due to escalating raw material and other manufacturing costs, PVC resin producers have implemented a price increase of seven percent effective May 1st 2017; however, Rally Packaging’s customers’ price won’t increase until June 1st. Rally Packaging (The Midwest’s Leading Distributor of Laundry Wrap) appreciates their customers’ business, and looks forward to working with every single […]