Wulftec Pallet Stretch Wrapping Systems


Wulftec® International, a division of M.J. Maillis, leads the industry when it comes to stretch wrapper and pallet wrapper machines. Their stretch wrappers are designed for endurance, even in severe conditions. Wulftec® pallet wrappers are easy to set up, simple to use and offer extremely tight wraps.

There’s a Wulftec® pallet wrapping machine designed and ready to wrap any pallet loads. If you need hundreds of loads per day, or a load that is unbalanced or oddly shaped, Wulftec® pallet wrapper and stretch wrapper machines can handle the job. They cater to many industries that all have unique requirements.

Wulftec’s® pallet wrappers and pallet wrapping equipment are ready to provide maximum productivity while cutting labor and reducing costs.

We provide Parts and Service for this packaging equipment.

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