Rally’s Laundry Wrap is ideal for laundries because of its ease of use, it offers time and cost reduction in the packaging of laundry , with excellent transparency. It adjusts to any size, and has a self adhesive cling which does not require staples, tape or strings, making it easy to transport and stack without slipping. Our Rally wrap generates less waste, is an Eco-friendly green product.

We inventory over 10,000 rolls, and we ship orders the same day for prompt delivery.

The following sizes are available for immediate shipment:


  • Standard 24″ x 5,000′
  • Standard 30″ x 5,000′
  • Standard 34″ x 5,000′
  • Standard 36″ x 5,000′
  • Standard 39″ x 5,000′
  • Premium 36″ x 5,000′
  • Heavy 36″ x 5,000′
  • X-Heavy 36″ x 4,000′

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Rally Wrap laundry wrap, the finest wrap available!